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    Swirl Marshmallows


    Apr 28th, 2020

    Swirl Marshmallows With Chocolate Recipe

    Holy cow. Where did the month of March go? It seems like yesterday that i came up with these carnival-inspired swirl marshmallows and i made them only days later – but carnival was back in February – so how did it take so long to get this blog post online? What i’m trying to say is time flies.

    Without spending too much time on the C virus, I hope you are safe, healthy and socially distancing yourself. I was anxious about uploading blog posts during this crucial period but that said, I also know that this recipe is easy to make and G R E A T to make together with kids. (As a nanny i can personally vow that i’ve tried and succeeded with this one.)

    Chocolate Marshmallows Recipe

    How to make Swirl Marshmallows?

    Swirl Marshmallows
    Milk Chocolate

    1. bend the marshmallows in half, and put the skewer through so that you’ve got one side with the two open pieces, one side closed off.
    2. Melt the milk chocolate au-bain-marie.
    3. Use a piping bag or a teaspoon to slowly swirl the chocolate over the marshmallows.
    4. Quickly add the sprinkles, before the chocolate dries.

    You could use white chocolate or pure chocolate instead of milk. And you could switch the sprinkles for smarties, nuts, edible glitter or chocolate curls.

    Maybe it’s because of all that’s happening in the world or it’s just creative life but I haven’t been frequent at all. I’m so sorry. (and i only just started this blog – good beginnings, right) but from now on at least i’ll be more frequent on Instagram so if you want a more regular update, come follow me there. Otherwise, please forgive my infrequent irregular blog posts.

    How are you doing?

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