Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
aka, the boring behind the scenes money stuff.

Everything on SkeletonWeirdo has been created by Monique Pieters, unless otherwise stated. Please do not share any photographs or content without asking permission.

SkeletonWeirdo blog posts may feature products, kindly gifted to me. If so, it will state so at the bottom of the blog post.

 Please know that I only share/recommend products I genuinely love and use.

Adverts & Sponsorships.
SkeletonWeirdo blog posts may be written in collaboration with brands, which means I’ll be financially compensated to publish the blog post.
Those blog posts will be clearly marked with “This blogpost is sponsored by X”at the bottom of the blog post.

Please know that I only ever work with brands that I genuinely love and that fit the style and content of SkeletonWeirdo.

Privacy Policy.
To provide a good browsing experience, SkeletonWeirdo uses cookies. By visiting this website you are agreeing to the use of these cookies.

If, at any time, you’d like to opt-out of the use of cookies, you can disable the cookie function by changing the site settings on your computer.

SkeletonWeirdo collects non-personal-identifying information such as time spend on the blog and pages visited by each visitor, to enhance the site.

When visitors leave comments we collect the data shown in the WordPress contact form (name, email and website) and the visitors IP address to help detect spam.

SkeletonWeirdo uses AddThis for the social media icons.

SkeletonWeirdo uses Google Analytics, which collects data like IP addresses, user ID’s and cookies for behavioral profiling.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned above, please feel free to contact me at skeletonweirdo(@)