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    Starting Your Own Pin Collection


    Jul 9th, 2018

    WELCOME TO SKELETONWEIRDO. Before I get into the crazy fun that ís a pin collection, i thought i’d share a few somethings about myself: I’m Monique, twenty-four and living in The Netherlands. I have labeled this blog lifestyle + adventure. why? Because I reeeaaally don’t know what i’ll be posting. yet. So it is bound to be an adventure!

    Pins are a BIG deal. have you noticed? And I might’ve gotten to the party a little bit late – but once i start collecting. I. START. COLLECTING. So, i now own 50+ pins, and i am nowhere near done. I just needed some sort of self preserving/justification for 100+ pins, and well, – if I were to write about a pin collection, i would need lots of examples. right?


    Pin collection (aka any collection)

    As a BIG ambassador of collections, i often get asked where to start. How to decide what to collect? How to set a budget and where to find the most beautiful editions. now. This guide is advertised to pins, but it’s really applicable to all collections.

    so, want to start a butter dishes collection? GO. what about old-fashioned kids lunch boxes? YES. perfume bottles? PLEASE DO. actually, i might start a butter dishes collection myself. that sounds cute!

    The real fun stuff

    What is the real fun stuff? SHOPPING, OF COURSE. Let’s hunt for the prettiest pins. – Because in the case of a pin collection: you do not want all the pins. NO. you want the most beautiful ones. – I’ll give you a few hints on where to look. (not limited too, though)

    Vintage store
    Thrift shop

    oh, you’ve decided to collect something else? Check these places out regardless. I promise that you’ll won’t be disappointed.

    What is a budget?

    HA! – i wish i could say ‘what is a budget?’ whilst shopping. but I cannot.

    LIMIT YOURSELF. – hone in on 1 or 2 items. The fun thing about a collection is that it grows, in time, slowly. Focus on quality instead of the numbers. Budget wise? I always give myself a €-budget. (i never spend more than €12 on a pin) but you could also choose for an amount-per-month limit.

    What to do with all the other beautiful pins? That’s what wish lists are for! – Do not forget to add stores and prices to your wish list (and KEEP IN MIND, that some pins are limited editions.)

    ‘Yes. I’ve got lots of pins.”

    Got a beautiful pin collection? SHOW IT. – i’ve bought a cork board for mine, but i have also seen pin collection displayed on denim, canvas or pieces of leather (that last one is AS cool as it sounds!)

    A different collection of sorts? Some collection are easier to display than others, but all deserve a showcase. – Think about shelves, glass cabinets or wooden trinket cases.


    the Ravenclaw pin is def my favorite. no wait. the Disneyland pin. no wait the gold alien… NO WAIT.

    If you take anything from this blogpost, please, please let it be this: DON’T COMPARE YOUR COLLECTION TO OTHERS. – none of my collection are the biggest nor do i own priced or exclusive editions of anything. I love all the pieces i own though, and like I said before: it is not about the numbers. it is n.e.v.e.r. about the numbers.

    Are you a collector? And if yes, what do you collect?

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    Starting Your Own Pin Collection