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    Our Burger King Roadtrip


    Mar 18th, 2020

    Burger King Roadtrip

    i know, i know, Burger King is not the healthiest option but i’ve got a thing for their cheeseburgers and fries. Unfortunately the fast food gods decided to surround me with Mcdonalds’es instead. –  not a total curse but if i had the option i’d choose Burger King – luckily we came up with a fun Burger King roadtrip loophole.

    Technically the nearest Burger King to our house is a 30 minute drive but that one is on a train station platform, so quite inconvenient. – The other Burger King is a 50 minutes drive. And if we’re going to drive for 50 minutes we might as well make a roadtrip out of it and drive on, to, like the next Burger King another 20 minutes away.

    The trick is to not order much food – unless you are like really, really hungry – we visited four Burger King’s on our roadtrip and our orders were:

    a coffee for him, a milkshake for me.
    a hamburger for him, a cheeseburger for me.
    fries to share.
    a cheeseburger for him, fries for me.

    Coffee Burger King Roadtrip Hamburger Fast FoodCheeseburger Fast Food Burger King Fries

    We didn’t actually go in to the fast food restaurant much – we mostly went through the simple and fast drive through’s ’cause of introvert ness but we sure found a new fun date thing to do. AND i saw Burger King has added cheese fries to the menu – are they as good as i imagine, i’ve never had cheese fries – so that means it must be time for another roadtrip.

    ps. as fun as this Burger King roadtrip was, if someone from Burger King is one day ever reading this; please open a Burger King nearer me. i’d be real grateful (and a great costumer)

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    Our Burger King Roadtrip